The IYA has been delivering yoga to Ireland since 1978.

IYA Online Residential Program

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Cost: €75 for full weekend, €30 for any half day. Venue: Hosted via Zoom by Gabi Gillessen Root To Light. Phone bookings contact Michelle Waters 083 106 4589 or

Saturday April 24th

Time Event
8—8:30am Meditation with Monique Walsh: Metta Bhavana.


Opening welcome with Michelle Waters. Yoga with Adrienne Crowe. Releasing with Hridaya Granti (heart-energy knots). We will seek a profound release of the upper back through variations on familiar asana, twists and the breath-to-a-movement and movement-to-a-breath of the Viniyoga approach.




Workshop: Herbs for wellness with Liz Dwyer. How to use Herbs in Natural Remedies


Break for lunch




Workshop: Developing Skills of Eco Perception with Eileen Hutton. You need: Pen & paper.


Somantic Yoga with Katherine Smits. Somatic movement explores existing holding patterns of tension in the body by using slow movement with attention. Somatic movement allows a release of tension by reprogramming the brain. We will experience an undoing, an unfolding and an unwinding of tensions enabling an effortless passage into the internal sensations of different yoga postures.  

Sunday April 25th

Time Event
8—8.30am Meditation with Monique Walsh: Descent of Peace.
10am—12:00pm Restorative Yoga and Pranayama with Colette Lee. This type of yoga restores the body to its parasymathetic nervous system function, which allows the body to rest and heal. Using blankets, bolsters, blocks and other props, it allows you to stay in the asana longer, and allows the breath to deepen which triggers the relaxation response. You will need: Wall Space, Chair, 4-6 blocks, 2 Bricks (optional), Belt, 2 Blankets, 1 for relaxation, 1 small flat/cotton blanket, 1 Bolster or firm pillow, 2 cushions.
12—12:30pm Closing Mantra with Michelle Waters.

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