The IYA has been delivering yoga to Ireland since 1978.

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IYA Residential

Annual IYA Residential Yoga Retreat
Teach Bhride, Holistic Education Centre,Tullow, Co. Carlow
26th – 28th April 2024
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Annual IYA Residential Yoga Retreat


EUY Annual Congress Zinal 2024

Prana, the force of life.

18 to 23 August 2024

Prana is the life force which animates all living beings. It emanates from Atman and follows consciousness as a shadow follows man. Prana operates in our body in five different ways, through the five prana vayus, energizing all its functions. In the beautiful setting of the Anniviers Valley, the 2024 Zinal congress will explore different ways of working with prana.

EUY Zinal 2024


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The TTC. Why a minimum training of 500 hrs over 4 years?

At the heart of the Yoga tradition lies one central truth: we are all inextricably connected. Yoga is a potent and life transforming practice and therefor teaching Yoga carries enormous responsibilities. A yoga teacher does not only have to deal with the physical but also with all the multidimensional aspects such as the energetic, psychological, physiological, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of the student. These teachings need to be received in a safe and sacred environment. The ability to transmit these non-verbal aspects of yoga is the fundamental quality that differentiates a real yoga teacher from other teachers. Read more >>

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IYA Child Protection Policy

This document has been compiled by the IRISH YOGA ASSOCIATION for trained IRISH YOGA ASSOCIATION TEACHERS, who teach Yoga to children.


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