The IYA has been delivering yoga to Ireland since 1978.

IYA Ethos

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IYA Statement of Ethos

The word Yoga, taken from the Sanskrit, means union with the Source . . . . to unite, to join, to integrate. In the spirit of Yoga the Irish Yoga Association seeks to promote Yoga in Ireland in a variety of ways. It is principally concerned with the training of Yoga teachers as it considers that this is the most effective way of making Yoga accessible to as many people in as many walks of life as possible. Its Teacher Training Course is based on Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and the Hathayogapradipika and is concerned with personal development and the integration of Yoga as a practical way of life.

It further promotes Yoga through organising seminars and other means of education on a wide variety of Yoga traditions and yoga-related subjects so as to provide exposure to contemporary methods and new ways of thinking. It also seeks to introduce other holistic approaches to develop a broader understanding and awareness in the individual. Through circulation of its Newsletter it provides topical information on Yoga and related subjects. It also provides information on all enquiries received regarding Yoga.

The Association seeks to have knowledge of and liase with other like-minded bodies with similar interests so as to progress the growth of Yoga. It aims to continually develop and grow in Yoga by resourcing its needs through its membership. It seeks to engage in moderate public relations. It operates in a democratic way and the Committee, which governs its affairs, is elected from within its membership.


IYA Teacher Training Course: Statement of Ethos

The Irish Yoga Association Teacher Training Course is based on Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and the Hathayogapradipika. It aims to provide participants with the knowledge, skill and attitude to teach Yoga. It explores classical and contemporary methods, seeking to instil lifelong interest in and exploration of the philosophy and practice of Yoga. It seeks to provide the opportunity to test the main philosophical premises, increasing awareness in all aspects of the individual so that Yoga can become a practical way of life rather than a practice to induce a state of mind that temporarily eases unwanted states of mind. It seeks to explore perception, motivation, liberation, and autonomy.

The Teacher Training Course is structured so as to encourage the personal development of each individual through groupwork and other avenues of self-development. This gives the opportunity to practice Yoga in communicating, working and living together so that the individual takes responsibility for him / herself and their actions and develops independent thinking, and awareness of the Universal Intelligence working through them. It focuses on the integration of Yoga in a holistic way so as to encourage the development of a mature Yoga teacher. The Course aims to produce Yoga teachers who embody the principles of Yoga philosophy in their lives and in their teaching, are able to teach Yoga in their own unique way and are capable of substantiating their choice of techniques. Rather than produce teachers of Yoga who, through training, have the ability to perform functions, the Association aims to develop Yoga Teachers who, through education (‘educere’: to draw out from within), use insight and reason. In all of this it encourages the unveiling of consciousness for the benefit of the individual, the group and society.